never lost in wonderland

never lost in wonderland


Thursday, April 22, 2010


等待着奇迹的降临 心里 嘴里老念着 什么时候 什么时候宝宝才诞生呢?
怀孕第38周 倒数不过2周
想想辛苦的日子很快就过去了 又快和宝宝见面了

老公!! 我真的怀孕了 !! 某天早上对着老公大嚷着 (老公还以为我又再骗他呢)
结果不一会 我就病倒了 吐了4个月 躺了3个月 也就瘦了5kg

照顾我的他-真是辛苦你了 累了也憔悴了 我也心疼了

这是第14周 肚子还不怎么见
爸妈来了 爸妈来疼疼他们的女儿了

第22周肚子微凸 开心到不行 :P
但其实身子还是很不适 就连逛街次数都减少了
没有了逛街的日子 又你在 我一样满足

怀孕时期 总免不了针扎 皮肤敏感 (看看我的左手臂紅腫的不行)

现在正安心 宁静的等待着 C 宝宝的降临
宝宝你将会是 妈妈和爸爸的最爱
暖暖的窝已经为你准备好了 :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

i should see more deeply into my business
missing the chance again .... gonna turns me down
accountant , solicitor work it out QUICK !!

Let's pray for my dream come true

Thursday, January 28, 2010

.: to my beloved Laogong :.

my laogong is obviously not a romantic man
he seldom buy me flowers but Bonsai (how cute he is :P)
he never surprised me with a romantic basket full of chocolates and nice pressie but asking me what i want and buying me everything i wanted
he is not a man who will give his gf/ wife compliments all time but he showed me that he needed me

he never break ones promise / commitment
all i can say
" he is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life "

thanks to my dearest LG
promise to love you forever

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009 and Welcome 2010

Today is the very last day of 2009 as we welcome 2010 in a few hours time, with hopes of a better tomorrow. 2009 was a tough but fruitful year for me, it brought me into a "skillful knowledgeable" person to deal with those cunning, sly, foxy commercial property agents and solicitors. Thanks for the lessons and i'll pay you back in year 2010. *keep my finger cross*

2009 review :

Well as you can see i'm officially Mrs. Ted nope, i should say i'm finally recognized by Chen's family :) we tied the knot on the 21st Jan 2009 after 6 years dating.

Ted has everything i look for in a man. i knew i'm the lucky one, thanks for choosing me as your wife and i believed we will be living happily ever after.

Thank you very much to my family and friends who traveled long way to china to attend my wedding, your present are so much appreciated (especially my bridesmaid pinky, emma, Joanne Nee, Ck, Sharon Tan, Lucic Chan, Joyce Lam and Ted's friends around the world). The wedding wouldn't be wonderful without you guys.

February'09 was not too wonderful as i was hospitalized for a week and it took me couple of month to recuperate so which means our Europe trip was canceled. i was pretty disappointed during that period but thats life. i wouldnt see the rainbow before rain, rite ?

Lunar New Year 2009.

we attended my youngest bro's wedding in HK Shangri-La. Finally i got to see you LJ & Carman after 5 years. We were so happy and had a wonderful time in HK and wishing them a happy marriage.

well, you might notice the bowknot on my heels was gone half way the wedding :P
picture with my dearest mum and mum inlaw.
My happy dad and dad inlaw. Two big old man :P

Two of the HUGE events in Pang's family were come to a happy ending. cant wait for the next reunited .... love the most to my beloved family.

March'09 - Hubby's Master graduation ceremony was held. your honor is my proud. LG, you are the best for me :)

Macau Trip '09

Pinky was so fun to be with. btw congratulations for your wedding, i am happy cuz i can see you happily living with william and be pampered and cared by him.

I'll continue with 2009 review later.....
wishing everyone a great and wonderful new year ahead, another chance to start our lives anew :)

Goodbye to my B and
Welcoming my new baby Audi A5
This is the 2nd present of the year :P

1st post with my new gadget

Audi's TEDDY bear

just realized there are too many pictures took in year 2009,
so i'll pick just a few to complete with the review, otherwise this will never end.

~ i'll leave the pictures talk for my 2009 review ~